The Fall of Khrushchev

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Opposition from cultural dissidence


Illegal recordings were made and circulated. These included Western pop and jazz. Music even responding to political events.

Published Writing

Written works including poetry published abroad or illegal home presses


"Nonconformist art" flouted the restraints of social realism.

Poetry Readings

Outdoor readings popular, especially in Moscow. Attended by students and intelligentsia.

Outcomes- Dissidents imprisoned or sent to labour camps. Some cultural figures defected to the West.

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Political Opposition

Treatment of political opposition was less harsh than under Stalin. 

  • Political opposition were demoted and often sent far away from Moscow, but not normally shot.
  • Millions of political prisoners were rehabilitated (declared not guilty). Those still alive were released from prisons and labour camps. 

Outright opposition among ordinary Soviet citizens remained minimal

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