The Digestive System

The information on this revision card covers some of the syllabus content for the first biology exam.

will include:

  • Principles of organisation
  • Animal tissues, organs and organ systems
  • The human digestive system
  • The heart and blood vessels

Principles of Organisation

  • Cells are basic building blocks of all living organisms
  • A tissue is a group of cells with a similiar structure and function (job)
  • Organs are a group of tissues that together have a specific function 

Organs are organised into Organ systems, which work together to form Organisms

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The Human Digestive System: ENZYMES

The Digestive System is one example of a system in which humans and other mammals exchange substances with the enviroment.

  • Catalysts increase the rate of chemical reactions
  • Enzymes are biological catalysts
  • Different enzymes are produced and work in different parts of the digestive system
  • These enzymes catalyse the breakdown of large insoluble molecules in our food into smaller soluble molecules. 
  • These are then able to be absorbed throught the wall of the small intestine and then they dissolve in our blood and carried around the body   

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