The changing economy of the uk

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adv of disads of moving over sea


-tax breaks and pay lower wages which means more profits

ADV FOR UK WORKERS- oppurtunity to move abroad and redundancy pacakege

ADV FOR CONSUMERS- cheaper products and wider range

DISADS FOR COMAPNY- bad press from closing uk stores -increasedtransport cost

for uk workers-job lost

consumer-no longer a british brand and products may take longer to come into stock

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impacts of deindustrialisation

positive- more land for future development, reduced polution and noise, reduced traffic, less water used in production, less energy required to operate machines

DISADS-vanadalism, costs lots too clean up, manufcatoring goods further away leads to more pollution

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how is glasgow combating deindustrialisation

-placed toursit attractions such as museums and hotels to encourage tourists and create jobs

-new flats along river clyde which has increased shops and restraunts

-bbc head quarters also located here

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work types

flexible working-due to IT which means people can work anywhere at anytime, they can work with people all over the wold and bosses dont have to pay for expensive officies

SELF employment- however no sick pay or pension or health care package but are independent and make their own decisions

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