Tectonic Hazards Revision

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CASE STUDY: Sichuan, China Earthquake

Where: Sichuan Province, China

When: May 12th 2008   2:21 at epicentre

-Sichuan is on the boundary between the Indian plate and the Eurasian Plate, on the Longmenshan fault line. 

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CASE STUDY: Sichuan, China Earthquake


-Pressure resulting from the Indian plate colliding with the Eurasian plate, released along the fault

-Tremors lasted 120 seconds

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CASE STUDY: Sichuan, China Earthquake


-Approximately 69,000 people died

-18,000 missing

-374,000 injured

-More than 5 million people became homeless

-Near the epicentre, 80% of buildings collapsed

-Communications, like phone lines and roads, were disrupted

-Landslides blocked river, leading to a fear of flooding

-Cost of damage: $75 million

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CASE STUDY: Sichuan, China Earthquake


-Some army forces and volunteers searched for survivors, but access was difficult

-Chinese Premier (Prime Minister) asked for volunteers to help

-Access to some rural areas was impossible, so 20 helicopters were assigned to help rescue teams

-Immediate needs were given out, including clean water, food supplies, and tents for shelter

-On May 14th, the Chinese Governemtn requested international aid

-Chinese Government pledged a $10 million rebuilding fund and banks wrote off debts owed to survivors

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