Taekwondo Black-Tag


Meaning of Black Belt

Opposite to white, therefore signifying the maturity and proficiency in taekwondo. It also indicates the wearer's imperviousness to darkness and fear.

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How many movements Hwa-Rang and what is its meanin

Hwa-Rang Tul has 29 movents in the pattern.

Hwa-Rang is nammed after the Hwa rang youth group which originated in the silla dynasty in the early 7th century. the group eventually became the driving force for the unification of the three kingdoms of Korea- Silla, Baek, Kogoryo. The 29 movments in the pattern refer to the 29th infantry Division, where TaeKwonDo developed into maturity.

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what is the starting position on Hwa-Rang called?

Closed ready stance C

Moa chunbi sogi C

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Name all the kicks in Hwa-Rang

middle section side kick

high section turning kicks

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where is the downward knifehand strike aimed

The shoulder 

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what is the primary target area for an upward punc

the opponents chin

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what is the purpose of a grab side kick combinatio

It is a realease from a wrist grab that involves pulling an opponent onto the side-kick

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name all the stances in pattern Hwa-Rang

Closed ready stance C

Sitting Stance


vertical stance

walking stance 

closed stance

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