Roles of Synapses

The Roles of Synapses

Transmission of stimulus in the correct direction.

Convergence - (Things coming together).
*Different inputs lead to the same output/response.

Spacial Summation - Many presynaptic neurones.
*Single input - not enough sodium to reach threshold.
*All - contribute to reaching an action potential in the post synaptic neurone.

Temporal Summation -
* One presynaptic neurone.
* Requires a series of action potentials.

Divergence -
* Two postsynaptic neurones - one to the brain, the other to the spinal cord.

Acclimatisation - 'Over time you get used to it'
*Caused by synaptic fatigue. Run out of vesicles of neurotransmittor - acetyl choline.

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