Of Mice and Men- Lennie

Revision notes on Lennie Small!

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  • Flat and Static Character- he remains exactly the same as we first meet him.
  • Often described in terms of animals- has the strength of a bear and thinks and acts like one: '' I'll go an live in a cave george''
  • Many childlike quantities- results in him being trusted by some but subject to jokes by others.
  • Represents the mentally challenged in the 1930's- without george, he would be in a mental asylum.
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  • Blindly devoted and heavily reliant on George
  • They almost have like a father and son relationship- george takes care of lennie and lennie looks up to him. For example, when george is drinking water and postions his hat -in the first few pages of chapter one, Lennie imitates george.
  • Lennie adds a dose of sunshine to george's life- he is always talking 'happily' or 'delightedly'
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Petting Mice

  • Greatest feeling of sercurity coming from soft things- they help him feel safe when the rest of the world gets complicated and scary. 
  • Is innocent- just wants to pet things but retaliates when bitten by the mouse, he pinches their heads-killing them. This might represent the unthinking violence all men are capable of? 
  • Lennie does not mean to kill the mice but does because he is not aware of how physcially strong he is. 
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Dream Farm and Death

  • Lennie is set up for doom from the start, his innocence only seems to ensure his inevitable destruction
  • His enthusiam for the dream farm is contagious and keeps the dream alive. He manages to convince george, crooks and candy that it will happen. 
  • Lennie is mericfully killed by killed by george because he knows if he isn't killed now, he will be killed by Curley's mob or sent to an asylum. 
  • His death ends the dream farm.
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