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Stress ~ the experience of a lack of fit between a person and thier environment. ( the percieved demands of a situation are greater than the person's percieved ability to cope.)


Stressors ~ any event that causes a stress reaction in the body

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Body's Response to Stress

Sympathomedullary pathway

Immediate stressors arouse the AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM (ANS). The ANS is divided into two brances these are:

The Sympathetic nervous system (SNS) - this arouses the body to be ready for FIGHT or FLIGHT.

The Parasympathetic - this returns the body to a state of relaxation.

SNS activation on the body

  • Increased pupil size
  • increase in heart rate and blood pressure
  • digestion decreased
  • muscles tense
  • breathin rate increases
  • perspiration increases
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Autonomic nervous system - its called autonomic as it runs itself

Fight or Flight - means that the body is energised to either fight or run away, gerenal state of readiness.

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