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What is Cloud Storage

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Use of Cloud Storage?

- Cloud Storage stores data at a remote location online. When files and data are sent to the cloud, they are actually being sent to a server that is connected to the internet. Files can be uploaded to a data system and downloaded as required.

- The cloud is also used for internet-based software and apps like Google Classroom and Microsoft office online.

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Examples and uses

Examples include:    Microsoft OneDrive

                                 Google Drive 

                                 Apple Icloud

Common Uses:       Storing School Work files

                                Backing up a computer Hard-Drive

                               Backing up music and photos from a phone

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Amount of storage

-  Most cloud storage will offer around 5-20GB of free storage

-  you can have as much loud storage as you'd like - The more you store, the more you pay

-  The amount of data in stored in the cloud is increasing daily

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Advantages of Cloud Storage

-  Data is safely backed up at a remote location so when having a disaster like a fire, there will always be a secure backup of your files.

-  You can access your files from anywhere with a network connection, you are'nt tied to your machine at home

-  A company does not have to pay the energy costs of running a large server

-  Data storage is more effecient because you only pay for the exact amount of data you need to store

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Disadvantages of Cloud Storage

-  The network connection has to be very reliable otherwise you may not be able to access your files. Speed of data retrieval will depend on the netwrok connection

-  There are concerns about data security. You need to be sure that the company is reputable (that they will perform reegular backups of your data and have good security in place so noone can access your data

-  It ususally costs money to store data in the cloud.Some businesess might give you a small amount of storage space for free but will charge for providing extra space

-  If the data storage company goes out of business, then all of the data stored in their servers may be lost

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