What is a stakeholder.

A person who has an effect on the buisness.

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Internal Stakeholders.

Internal stakeholders are the share owners/owners and the employees.

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External Stakeholders.

External stakeholders are people effected by the buisness but are outside of it such as customers or the government.

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Owners of a buisness run the buisness. The types of owners are sole traders, Partnership,Ltds and plcs. They put money and time into the company to ensure smooth running.

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Employees work for a company and run it in specific places and are not on the same level as the owners in the buisness triangle. In a shop they would restock the shelves and work on tills.

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Customers use the service or buy the products the company provides, so they are effected by the buisness.

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Suppliers are a seperate company that supply goods to a company such as wholesalers being the supplier for smaller shops.

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The goverment are effected by the buisness becauuse they are paid tax and the buisness provides jobs meaning less unemployment pay.

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Local Community.

The Local Community is effected by the company due to what the business does for the community such as provide jobs and make dinations however a nuclear site may not be welcome in the area.

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