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Good Morning Year 7,

I am Jorele, for those who do not know my name. I will enjoy presenting this presentation about my role and what I would like to be elected as. I think this presentation will give you a brief outline of what I would like to set my reputation as at Gumley House Covent School. Please enjoy and I will jump straight in. 

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Before I begin about what I want to be, I would like to talk about why I am applying for this role. The role that I will start to talk to about will be important and will require your input in it too. This role is important to me and I hope you will understand. 

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Looking at what's on the screen, I believe that every student should have the right to be driven by their education. I have had previous experience; I was a School Council Member last year. I want to lead you to victory as if you are my own team. 

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Thinking about the year ahead, I would like to represent you, Year 7's. This is a huge role for me. I will bring out the best in all my fellow classmates. Student Council is a huge responsibilty; but I will take it seriously. You need to think about who you want to represent you. 

Can I just mention that all of you are creative, intelligent and spectucular students and you should think that for yourself?

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you could use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela. 

This quote is very close to my heart. Because all of you I have met and some I will be lucky enough to get to know, you should keep this quote with you. All the effort you put into your work, will be put out. If elected as a Student Council Member, you will recieve fun and rewarding activities for all your work. Trips maybe what you want me to talk about. 

Trips would always be associated with subjects, but of course, they can be educational but always something to learn a life lesson from. 

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My Duties are always the important section of the presentation. 

Take a look at my duties. 

All the things that I will do as a school council member will be associated with you and other student council members.

If an idea is suggested, I always plan to take it on board, and list my ideas during the Head of Year Meetings. 

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Before I finish my presentation, I would like to say a prayer as it is our first lesson and I hope that you will take it on-board for the rest of your day. 

In the name of the Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit. Amen. 


May all that we do this day, from morning until night, begin with your inspiration, and continue with your powerful help.

May our work this day be rooted in love and mercy, that we might love you, and love our neighbors, as perfectly as you love us.

We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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Thank you! 

•I want to leave you with this. You don’t know how much it would mean if you elected me to represent you—the class of 2015. It would be such an honour and I would take my duties with extreme pride. So, if you want a memorable and exciting Year 7 , think about who you want to represent you when you vote.

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