Source Analysis Answer Structure


Source Analysis Answer Structure Q1&2

Q1:  Compare and Contrast Messages Conveyed:


Message of Source 1

Message of Source 2

Similarities and Differences

Q2:  Usefullness and Weakness of Source 1 and Source 2

For each source:

- Usefullness

- Limitations

Final Conclusion

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Source Analysis Answer Structure Q3&4

Q3: Historical Context

- Background

- Events

- People

- Issues

- Aftermath

Q4: Authors Perspective

For each source in two different paragraphs, outline what the perspective is, explain how this is reinforced, Explain the purpose, then reasons for perspective finally evidence of bias.

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Source Analysis Answer Structure Q5

Question 5: 

Pick out how each source relates to a theme, and pick out how they show and what aspect shows the theme.  Then do a final paragraph showing how they all relate together.

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