Songs of Innocence and of Experience

Key points and quotes from 15 William Blake poems.

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Introduction (Inn)

"Piping down the valleys wild/ Piping songs of pleasant glee"

"On a cloud I saw a child" elevated perception of children

Moves from "pipe a song" to "sing thy songs" to "write" them down- poet most important?

"I stain'd the water clear" oxymoronic.

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The Ecchoing Green

"The sun does arise,/ And make happy the skies" Light is positive.

"welcome the Spring" natural journey through life cycle- seasons

"Old John with white hair"

"Sitting under the oak"- tree used for protection as in illuminations

"we" and "our" sense of community and togetherness

"darkening green" light- end of life.

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The Blossom

"merry merry Sparrow"

"swift as arrow"

"cradle narrow"

"sobbing sobbing"

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The Chimney Sweeper

"weep weep weep weep"

mostly anapaestic and iambic

Tom Dacre's hair "like a lamb's back"- innocence

"****, Joe, Ned & Jack" children as individuals

"coffins of black"- the chimney

"an Angel who had a bright key"- links with Blake's religious views

"shine in the sun" freedom, no longer constricted (holiday on 1st may)

"so if all do their duty, they need not fear harm."

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The Divine Image

"Mercy, Pity, P

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