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Finding an angle using SOHCAHTOA

                                                                                                                           (e.g angle=a)

1) Decide which out of cos, tan or sin to use 

  •   Look at which sides are marked and then use SOCAHTOA.

2) If for exmple you chose Sin you would now know that sina=opposite/hypotenuse

  • So if your sides measured 3 and 8.2 your equation would be sina= 3/8.2

3) Rearrange this to sin-1(opposite/hypotenuse) and type into calculator

  • e.g sin-1(3/8.2)

4) you have found the angle!

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Finding a side using SOHCAHTOA

                                                                                                               known angle= 27

                                                                                                               bc= unknown side

                                                                                                               known side = 4.2

1) Decide which out of cos, tan or sin to use

  • e.g If we are given the measurments for the adjacent side and the opposite angle we choose Tan.

2) Put this into the equation Tanknownangle = unknown side/known side

  • e.g Tan27=bc/4.2

3) Rearrange to: known side x tanknownangle = unknown side. Put this into calculator

  • e.g 4.2 x tan27 = bc

4) You have the side

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