Social Influence


Types of conformity


  • public, weak, doesnt continue in absense of group, to be liked
  • Asch


  • adjust behaviour and belifes - only while a member-fit demands of society
  • Zimbardo


  • public and private, strongest, to be accepted
  • Jenness


Normative SI: desire to be liked

informational SI: desire to be correct

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Variables affecting conformity (Asch)

Group size:

  • little conformity when in groups less than 3
  • conformity rose to 30% when w/ 3 confederates


  • confederates unanimously gave wrong answer
  • anothe ptp or correct confederate reducaed conformity from 33% to 5.5% (like minded rebell)


  • differnece between lines decreased, conformity increased
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Conformity to social roles (Zimbardo)

24 screened males assigned 'guard' or 'prisoner' roles. prisoners given uniforms and ID number. guards given uniforms, clubs, reflective sun glasses. Planned to last 2 weeks.

First few days:guards took power and abused prisoners. 5 prisoners relaesed early due to anxiety, rage etc. Study terminated 6 days by Maslach.

  • individuals followed others actions (identification)
  • each social role adopted, behavious changes; conforming
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