Silas moves to Raveloe- Chapter 1

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  • Eliot creates the slow pace of time
  • Allows us to see Raveloe+ its surrounding countryside
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  • When the novel opens, S has been living in R for 15 years
  • Weaver
  • Outside the village of Raveloe
  • His work makes him different from the farming community
  • Raveloe- remote village where everyone is suspicious of newcomers- especially when they do an unusual job like weaving+ have an unfortunate appearance
  • S chooses to live alone+ at a distance from people
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  • Lives alone because was falsely accused of theft by his best friend, William Dane
  • Church money had been stolen from the house of a dying member of the strict Christian group, meeting in Lantern Yard
  • William- a young weaver of S's age; Jealous of S
  • Had feelings for Sarah- the servant to whom S was engaged
  • S is highly respected by other members of their religious group- good life
  • The cataleptic fits S suffered have a religious significance
  • S went rigid+ into a kind of trance, but remained upright
  • Watched over a dying leader of the church
  • W, who should have watched later, had seized this chance to steal the money
  • Accused S of theft+ married S himself
  • W planted evidence against S in his room+ managed to fix the drawing of lots- 'proved' S guilty+ expelled him from the church
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  • S decided that God couldn't exist
  • Lives only for his work+ the money it brings
  • Flashback- S was once very different
  • Earlier trusting+ generous personality contrasted with his present character
  • S's continued unfriendliness+ refusal to help others with herbal cures combine to keep the superstitious villagers continually distant+ afraid, despite S's growing wealth
  • The villagers' old-fashioned beliefs haven't yet been changed by new ideas+ inventions
  • Avoid/ fear S
  • Due to Raveloe's isolated position
  • A sense of community/ belonging
  • E shows how religion affected people both in the town+ the country
  • S visits neither the church nor the pub, where the community meet
  • Refuses, through his unfriendly behaviour, to become part of the village
  • The villagers' primitive sense of community makes them suspect+ fear newcomers like Silas
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  • Unfamiliar characters
  • Evokes pastoral English country of the 19th century
  • Ignorant town of the intellectual currents of its own time
  • Rustic belief system
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