Sheila Birling

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  • Women were seen as delicate beings and their fathers then their husband’s possession
  • No legal rights over money, children or land
  • Upper/ middle class women like Sheila usually spent their time doing charity work
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Before the Inspector arrives

Before the Inspector arrives:

  • Relaxed- just got engaged to Gerald
    • Does not feel engaged until Gerald presents her with a ring
      • suggests that Sheila needs an expensive ring to demonstrate her commitmentto Gerald and his commitment to her
      • suggests she is superficial, materialistic and concerned only with her appearance
  • Social life:
    • Shopping at Milwards department store
      • does not conform to the stereotypical idea of a middle-class member of society
    • Jealous of people who look better than her
      • insecure about her appearance
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Whilst the Inspector is present

Whilst the Inspector is present:

·       Shows remorse about what she did to Eva Smith, shown when she looked ‘as if she’s been crying’and wished that she"could help her now"

·       Truthful:

o   "All right, Gerald, you needn't look at me like that. At least, I'm trying to tell the truth."

·       Keen to set an example to the older generation when she told her mother that she "mustn't try to build up a kind of wall between us and that girl."

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