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Self-image is how you see yourself. it is your own mental picture of who you are.

People can have a positive or negative self-image, which can change daily. some teenagers have poor self-image in adolescence as they go through puberty, as it is a time when poeple can feel very self-conscious and open to comparing themselves to others.

A persons positive or negative self-image is influenced by such things as:

  • personal apperance
  • the media- tv and social media
  • comparison with other people
  • the comments of other people
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This is how mcuh you like, accept and respect yourself as a person- often talked about in terms of how mcuh you 'value' yourself.

Some people have a tendency towards high self-esteem, and other towards a low self-esteem. people who compare themselves to others in a negative way tend to have low self-esteem; people who are not so concerned about what others say tend to have high self-esteem.

Self-esteem can change on a daily basis. things that can affect self-esteem include:

  • the attitude of parents, carers and families
  • success or lack of it at school or work
  • the comments of friends
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the self-concept equation

The self-concept equation

when we put self-image and self-esteem together; this gives us what we call our self-concept:


good self-image and high self-esteem usually lead to positive self-concept; poor self-image and low self-esteem usually lead to a negative self-concept.

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