Security Policies

Security Policies topic for A2 ICT


Where Do Threats Come From?

These are some of the threats that can occur:-

  • Viruses
  • Sabotage
  • Deliberate abuse by staff
  • Fire
  • Natural Disaster
  • Terrorism
  • Hacking
  • Accidental Abuse by staff
  • Theft
  • Faulty Hardware or Software
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Consequences of Threats

Threats to ICT systems can cause the loss of data which can have certain consequences:-

  • Legal Action
  • Lost Business
  • Lack of confidence by customers or members of the public
  • Lost computer time
  • The need for staff to spend time sorting problems out
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Earthquakes can lead to a loss of power, loss of communication lines, damage to ICT systems caused by building collapse,etc.


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Lightning Strikes

Lightning Stirikes can cause momentary losses of power which can cause data loss. Lightning can also cause more serious damage with the complete loss of hardware, software and data.


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Floods can lead to water damage to hardware, software and data, loss of power or communication lines.


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Threats From Faulty Hardware or Software

Computers can go wrong at anytime, its easy to replace hardware but it's not as easy to replace programs or data.

Faulty Hardware- computer is fairly reliable but can and does break down. The main problem would be caused by the hard drive becoming damaged, rendering the data and the programs unusuable.

Faulty Software- software, especially bespoke software, and sometimes packaged software, can contain errors (or bugs as they are called) and these cause damage or loss of data.


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