Section 1a Development

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AS Digital Technology

Pre Production/Research:

  • Googling "copyright free music"
  • Using Blogger, not every computer/browser supports the images displayed on the blog
  • Questionnaire was done on paper, handed out in class which made collecting results somewhat time consuming


  • Camera skills were no good, poor focus on some shots
  • Poor quality of sound due to wind, should have used microphones
  • Music doesn't match the nature of the shots


  • Long length of shots, unnprofessional look
  • Titles used, look plain
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A2 Digital Technology

Pre Production/Research:

  • Wordpress: Adding Categories to my blog, and also deciding to use Wordpress instead of Blogger as it has an easier user interface
  • Google Drive/Docs: Using Google Docs, I created a spreadsheet which I used to track my progress. At the end everything was green. This ensured I progressed at a steady pace, not requiring my teachers' assistance.
  • Web 2.0/Google Forms: Created a Survey using google forms in order to collect some audience feedback in the form of a questionnaire. Collecting results was easier than on paper.


  • Nikon Camera: Every shot was in focus with a better Nikon camera, and a tripod
  • Nikon Camera: Sound was not an issue with this camera as well, combined with recording on non windy days
  • TASCAM DR-05: Adding a voice over to guide the audience through the background events of the narrative.


  • Final Cut Pro: Editing was flawless, adding blurred effects and heartbeats, appropriate titles and music change 
  • Photoshop: Adding the BBFC certificate after editing a template with out film title and replacing the existing signatures and names with ours
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AS Creativity

Pre Production/Research: 

  • Props: We did intense research into sugar glass bottles as a possible prop, even managed to make one in the school's art department


  • Camera Work: POV shot of being attacked, camera moves with every punch and then the stomp


  • The editing of the closing titles, the writing is transparent with a black outline/background focusing on the eyes of the character
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A2 Creativity

Pre Production/Research: 

  • Google Docs: Created a spredsheet on google docs which updates automatically on my blog as i update it on my google chrome


  • Photoshop: The poster ancillary task, fading out of the lost brother creates a link to the narrative; visiual representation of losing something
  • Photoshop/google images: The cocaine font is a collection of cut out letters from an image which diplays the entire alphabet, in a powder, cocaine texture


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A2 Creativity part 2


  • Final Cut Pro: POV shot in the boot of the car
  • Props: Using kitchen supplies and supplements as drug props


  • Final Cut Pro: Using the heartbeat special effect along with the blur-in/blur-out graphic effect to create a visual representation of feeling dizzy
  • Final Cut Pro: When it came to editing the soundtrack from our film we couldnt find the right type of beat/track without lyrics, so we used blade tool, cut the right but, coppied and pasted it over again for the amount we required
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AS vs A2 Research and Planning

AS Research and Planning:

  • Googling generic terms like; "copyright free music" and "copyright free image of..." ect.
  • Using Blogger was a great learning curb. It was great to grasp the basics of blogging in order to keep your work organised however by the end of the foundation portfolio i realised that images were not displaying on certain browsers and PCs.This was an issue based on the fact that my blog contained many pictures.

A2 Research and Planning:

  • Using experience from last year, I used websites like Jamendo which offer copyright free music instead of having to use a search engine for that. Also when searching for appropriate images I have learnt that using the advance search settings and filters can filter out images with any copyrights on them, and only show me the ones which I am allowed to use, without having to type that in into the search engine itself
  • Wordpress was my blog of choice for this year's portfolio. Keeping in mind the problems which I had to face last year, I decided to steer away from blogger which didn't offer the user interface which I was happy to use as well as the problem with images. Wordpress allowed me to keep my work organised with categories as well as other features which contributed to a better presentation of my reasearch and planning tasks. 
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AS vs A2 Post Production

AS Post Production:

  • Titles were simple and boring, didn't display any sort of link with the film and genre, too bold 
  • Failed to fix the sound issues, voices were too quiet at times
  • Failed to recognise a blurry shot
  • The Music does not fit the genre and film at all

A2 Post Production:

  • Appropriate use of titles at the end, black backrgound and greyish black writing with a professional font, names in a bigger font to stand out like in real productions
  • Sound was spot on by ensuring i adjusted the volumes when needed and faded sound in and out
  • Used the post production phase to spot out any mistakes in the film before finalising the project
  • Used a custom BBFC certificate using Photoshop, new signatures, our own fonts and names too
  • The music which I decided to use suits very well with the contemporary drama genre set in South East London, trap type beat, then suspense bulding music at the end, heart beat sound effect
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AS vs A2 Using Conventions from Real Media

AS Use of conventions:

  • The music which we have used in our film has little to do with the drama aspect of our film, and somewhat nothing to do with the sport genre. What the non-diagetic, trap beat is there for is so that the audience can realise what kind of place the film is set in. The Trap music genre is never seen as positive or one which has a positive influence on people. 

A2 Use of Conventions:

  • The very first common convention of a film trailer in general, disregarding genre, is a voice over. I have decided that it is absolutely necessary to include one in my trailer, in order for the story to be more clear, as well as adding that contemporary drama feel to it through the use of specific language to the personal identity of the characters.
  • Sound is the most important element of how picture is received by the audience, therefore including music which fits the genre and location as well as culture was really important. The music conventions of trailers are that they go together with the edit, and they are suitable for a specific genre of film. Both have been matched by my production. 
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