Second Balkans War

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What happened after conference

  • A month after the conference the Balkan League was fighting over the new land.
  • Bulgaria fought with Serbia and Greece over the number of Bulgarians living in other territories.
  • In June of 1913, Bulgaria attacked the former allies. Turkey saw this as an opportunity, and joined the fight with Bulgaria against the Balkan League.
  • Bulgaria was defeated and in the treaty of Bucharest, lost nearly all of the land won in the first war. SECOND BALKAN WAR
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  • The Austro-Serbian relationship took another hit. Due to Austria, Serbia had been cut off for the sea by Albania. 
  • The Serbians continued to demand Slavic unity, with six million Serbs and Croats still under Austrian rule, attacks against Austria were openly applauded. 
  • Meanwhile, Austria saw Serbia double it size and become a formidable military power. This increasing threat needed to be dealt with.
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  • Turkey regained some land and prestige. Despite a reduced role in Europe, and controlling an area that was essentially Turkish already, Turkey looked to the future for possible opportunity.
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  • The league and war created a changing landscape. From pushing Turkey out up to Bulgaria handing over its gains to Greece and Serbia. 
  • The Balkan states saw the Treaty of Bucharest as a semi-permanent solution to a much larger issue.
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