Scout Finch


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Jem Finch

Jem is 10 years old at the start and is 13 at the end, he is Scout's older brother. His broken arm at the start of the story is never explained. He has a good knowledge of appropriateness within the town but still plays childish games with Scout and Dill. Jem likes to prove he isn't afraid even when he is and he knows when it is best not to tell the whole truth. Jem clearly loves his father, Atticus, very much. He likes to be the hero and he is very quick thinking in difficult situations. He is very intelligent and he matures throughout the book. He has a naturally tranquil disposition and a slow fuse. He is deeply affected by the trial of Tom Robbinson. In the novel there are many examples of Jem maturing, for example when he invites Walter Cunningham home for lunch and When he reads to Mrs. Dubose.

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Atticus Finch

Atticus is a wise man with a sound understanding of his environment and the people in it. He isn't ever racist and stands up for his cook, Calpurnia (who is part of the Black Community) and treats her like family. he isn't afraid to do something uncommon, as shown by the Tom Robbinson case where he shows very good skills as a lawyer despite losing the case. Atticus is a well educated lawyer and he is very fair in his profession, he caters to different clients differently to suit their financial needs. He is the father of Jem and Scout and his wife died when Scout was just 2 years old, as a result of this he has had to bring the children up on his own. He is very committed to trying to achieve an equality for the blacks in Maycomb society. He is a very honest man and he tries to teach the children how others view things and how they should be viewed, he sees the best in people.

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Calpurnia is the Finchs' cook, she lives in the black community. she has acted as a surrogate mother for the children and Atticus has learned to depend on her. She is trustworthy, kind but also firm if its needed and she is well educated. She has been with the Finch family since Jem's birth.

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Scout Finch

Jean Louise Finch is a very outspoken character that likes to ask questions but doesn't like to be called a girl. She is very fond of her father, Atticus and she reads with him every night. Scout is 6 years old at the start and 9 at the end, and doesn't fully understand the changes that she should be undergoing at first. She gets told off in school for being outspoken and standing up for Walter Cunningham. She is very knowledgeable and can read and write before attending school. She is very intelligent but she hates school and tries to persuade Atticus to let her stay home. She is a tomboy but Aunt Alexandra makes her dress and act more ladylike. She isn't afraid to fight but obeys Atticus and feels noble when she does. She always thinks the best of people and is well-meaning. Her innocent conversation saves Tom Robbinson. She is the 1st person narrative in the story and leaves room for interpretation, she doesn't have a biased viewpoint, she isn't prejudice and she shows and understanding for others feelings. Her perspective adds humor to the story.

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