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Science and Non-belief in God

  • some people - Bible literal word of God, Did create world in 6 days
  • Scientists - world made Big Bang
  • Big Bang better explains creation of universe
  • Complex - in simplest form: explosion of matter took place 15 billion years ago, universe cam into being, continues to expand and evolve. 
  • Believe theory of evolution explains how life developed on earth - proposed by Charles Darwin
  • He says all living things evolved form common ancestors
  • Belief of Big Bang may lead to believe that genesis is incorrect, so bible itself is incorrect 
  • Atheists - disbelief in God
  • Agnostics - Unsure whether God exists
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Christian responses to scientific explanations of

  • Literalist - Bible does not mention Big Bang so did not happen
  • Bible literal word of God
  • Impossible to believe in Big Bang, this literalist 
  • Liberal - Both Bible and science are right, Big Bang created by God
  • People writers of Bible, written in their own words
  • Message important not literal meaning
  • creation story designed for us to learn how to take care of world - big bang did happen
  • combing both seven days of creation with Big Bang
  • Day for God - thousands of years - seven days in God times
  • Proposer of Big Bang - Georges Lemaitre, Roman catholic priest and scientist
  • church shown strong support for world created by nothing theory 
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Unanswered Prayer and Non-belief in God, and the C

  • unanswered prayer - somebody prays and nothing happens
  • person prays to God - God does not answer - feel like God does not exist 
  • person prays for something - do not get what they want - believe that God does not exist 
  • atheists think - God was omni benevolent and omnipotent - God would answer prayers
  • God does not do anything - people easily lose faith in God
  • Christians say God says No or Not Now to certain prayers 
  • if prayer is selfish - God will say No
  • others believe God answers prayer but not in way we expect 
  • God has ultimate plan for everyone 
  • Roman Catholics say ask St Monica to pray for them when their prayers go unanswered 
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Evil and Suffering and Non-belief in God

  • Moral Evil: somebody harms someone else, causes suffering 
  • Natural Evil: when people are suffering cause of nature, has nothing to do with other people 
  • People believe that God does not exist as he does not help those who suffer, losing faith completely
  • Evil and suffering in world, God cannot be all this* 
  • If people accept these theories then they lose faith in God and reject him 
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Christian Responses to Evil and Suffering

  • Some Christians say we should not worry about Evil and suffering, God has a plan for all of us
  • So we have to accept that God knows best and we have to place our trust in him
  • Follow example of Jesus, combat evil and suffering with prayer and service 
  • Prayer: first thing, is powerful, unable to help - pray.
  • Service: help those suffering from evil, offer service follow Jesus teachings, offer them basic needs, or even be good friends with them 
  • Free Will: Christians believe that we cause suffering as we have free will, if we choose wrong thing to do we could be hurting others
  • Not in paradise yet!: others say there is pain and suffering as we aren't in heaven, will e pain free, expect pain and suffering
  • Life is a test: we are tested to see if worthy to be in heaven
  • To help us grow: others say evil and suffering is around to make our faiths stronger.  
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