Science and Technology

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Printing Press

-Invented between 1440 and 1450

-Allowed medical ideas to be spread more widely

-Medical texts became more accessible

-Medical ideas spread quickly around Europe and further

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-around 1590        -improvements to glass making         -improvements in science of light rays

-microscopes proved that Harveys ideas were correct            -helped prove Galens theories wrong

-first made by a Dutsch clockmaker who used it to discover micro organisms


-in 1800s even purer glass was being produced           -scientists understood even more about optics

-1830, Joesph Lister invents a microscope that can magnify x1000 without distortion

-helped disprove even more old theories such as spontaneous generation


-electron microscope invented in 1931         -allowed even clearer images

-allowed French researchers to find sulphonamides in just two years

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-Peter Chamberland 

-obstetric forceps

-anatomical knowledge needed to use these

-only men could attend university, so women could not use them and this affected their roles as midwives

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