Clinical Characteristics

    - Thought Disturbances. Insertion/Withdrawal/Broadcasting/External Forces- Auditory Hallucinations. Accusing Voices/Devil/Aliens/Government
    - Delusions. Grandeur/Persecution
  • SECOND RANK / NEGATIVE / CHRONIC / OUTSIDE- Thought process disorder. Derailment/Word Salad/Literally
    - Mood Disturbance. Depersonalised/Flat Moods/Innapropriate Responses
    - Motor Disturbance. Cataplexy/Grimacing
    - Lack of Violation. Withdrawing from social contact
  • No sim between two many diff types but all same treatment.. uh oh
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Issues of classification, diagnosis, validity and

  • HETEROGENOUS - really diff
  • NO PHYS TESTS- personal account
  • SUBJECTIVE- have to compare to 'normal' - BECK
  • OVERLAP- Bipolar/Depression
  • MANUALS- Diff in Diff countries - US AND UK
  • RACIAL BIAS- AC 8x more likely
  • MISDIAGNOSIS - innapropriate teatment, self fullfilling prophecy, side effects. ROSENHAN
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Biological Explanations for Schiz

    - Dopamine over active in BG
    -Post Mortems. Chlorpromazine. Amphetamines and L-dopa.
    -But schizo's have low dopamine in FC where we need it do DH can't be whole picture!
    - Low Gluta in Hippoe is cause of high dope in BG- The Medical Research Council. Yale Study- amph, ket and **.
    -Long known can effect foetus 3mester. Flu cross placenta and migration of neurons.

:( REDUCTIONIST - comp to chem not psycho fact trauma.
:) REDUCTIONIST - obj scientific falsifiable
:) APPLICABLE - serious.. treatments? then QOL especially 1/3 not helped by current meds

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Biological Therapies for Schiz

    -Chlorpromazine - blocks dope D2 receptors..dope antagonist.:) alleviates pos but neg sympt worse.. :) better than strait
    :( 2/3 peeps. :( tranquiliser :( side effects grimacing  :( revolving door syndrome 50 and 75 %
  • NEW / A-TYPICAL NEUROLEPTICS AND ANTIPSYCHOTIC DRUGS- Chlorazil - works on sero as well as dope. increases sero in PFC and works on neg syp
    :) les tranq so community  :) fewer side effects not so much RDS.
    :( 2% patienst stop WBC  :( severe weight gain
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Psychological Explanations for Schiz

  • COGNITIVE - info pro. **** bombarded, cant distinguish important and not. cant supress like normals. so Cognitive bias happens where dangerous stimuli given priority.
    - THE STROOP TEST.-Benthal.      -FAKE PHOTOS
    - Cog for why hear voices - cant distinguish own thought and outside - DRAW PICS SCREEN
    - Cog for Word Salad- MAHER.

    :( DESCRIPTION- dress up CC. social/psycho better -trauma link with schiz/ Biol better too - TWIN FOETUS
    :) APPLICABLE - CBT great with Meds - DRURY.

  • PSYCHODYNAMIC - fixated @ oral stage purely selfih Id. Can distinguish self and non self explaining granduer and hallucinations.
    -Schizophrenogenis mother- cold and rejects then needy- Double Bind -try and love but reject.

    :( NO EVD for psycho sexal stages or schizophrenogen - most lovin
    :( LACK APPLIC can do psycho an BC need to be warm
    :) APPLICABLE - High EE Fams

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Psychological Therapies for Schiz

  • COGNITIVE- CBT. good for risk of first **** ep. fam intervention good. Conceptualisation - tirggers, know illness. Skills and Aq- homeworks, specific skills. Application - practise in real life. voices- hospitalised.
    :( jump to conclusions  :( can;t warm.
    :) DRURY fab with meds - QOL   :) LEFFS
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