Savage Rumbaugh

Savage Rumbaugh

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Savage Rumbaugh

Aim: To study language acquisition in two pygmy chimps and compare this to 2 common chimps


  • 2 pygmy chimps
  • Kanzi aged 4
  • Mulika aged 3 ( Kanzi's sister)
  • 2 common chimps sherman and austin
  • aged 9 and 10


  • Longitudinal study
  • 17 month period
  • Quasi experiment
  • IV species DV language Accquisition
  • types of communication Lexigram, Pointing board for outside, spoken english and gestures
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Savage Rumbaugh


  • Kanzi and Mulika were for more able to understand spoken english words
  • Kanzi and mulika used lexigram with more ease and more spontaneously without training compared to Sherman and Austin


  • Pgymy Chimps exhibit symbolic and auditory perceptual skills that are significantly different to those of common chimpanzees. This is suprising as they are closely related
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