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Reasons to Believe in God

* Religious Upbringing; Faith school, Church, Worship, Baptism, Prayer

     l---> The influence of authority figures make us more likely to believe in God (parents, teachers)

Religious Experience; Miracle, Numinous experience, Aunswered prayers, Near-death exerience, conversion

Causaton Argument - 'The Kalam Argument'

    l---> Everything has a cause -> The universe had a cause -> God was that cause

* Design Argument

   l---> William Paley - 'The Watch'

   l---> Complexity and purpose require intelligence

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Reasons for Atheism

* Scientific Explanations for Origins of the World

  l---> Science can explain the existance of he universe without the need for God

         l---> e.g. The Big Bang Theory, Theory of Evolution (explains the complexity of the universe)

* Evil and Suffering

  l---> If God exists, he would be Omnipotent and omnibenelovent - he would want to/ know how to get rid of evil.

  l---> The inconsistent Triad

* Unanswered Prayers

  l---> Doubt God's existance

* Non-Religious Upbringing - Not surrounded by influential authority figures who believe in God.

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Christian Responses to Atheism

* Science and God --> The is no conflict

  l---> The Big Bang Theory supports belief in God as it shows that the universe had a cause. Partly discovered by Lemaitre - a Priest.

* Evil and Suffering

  l---> There is no inconsistency if we assume that God has reasons for allowing evil and suffering.

  l---> Suffering helps us to develop moral virtues and see the good in life. It also gives us a chance to be loving and charitable.

  l---> Good can sometimes come from suffering (The Bible teaches the story of Joseph).

* Unanswered Prayers

  l---> God can't answer all prayers (some prayers conflict eachother)

  l---> God doesn't answer selfish prayers that only help one person

  l---> Some prayers would interfere with other people's free-will

  l---> God does answer all prayers, but sometimes the answer is "no"

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Christian Beliefs in Life after Death

Imortality of the Soul

Judgement - When someone dies they face an immediate judgement that decides their eternal fate (Heaven or Hell)

* Salvation and Forgiveness of Sins - "All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God"

  - By dying, Jesus opened the way to Heaven and offered forgiveness to all.

  - To receive salvation and be sent to Heaven; 1) Repent, 2) Believe in God

  - Those who deliberately reject God will go to Hell.

* Ressurection of the Body - All the living and the dead will be given new spiritual body

* Catholics believe in Purgatory - Nothing impure can enter Heaven, thereofre all sins must be purged before arrival in a purrifying fire.

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Why Christians Believe in Life after Death

* The ressurection of Jesus

* The New Testament - Constantly affirm the existence of life after death

   l---> Refers to Heaven and Hell

  l---> The Apostles Creed; "I believe in the ressurection of the body and the life everlasting"

How do these Beliefs affect their Lives?

- Encourages them to keep their faith through perseverence

- Gives them hope, as death is not the end of life

- Encourages them to love God by showing devotion

- Reminds them to be humble - since all Christians have sinned, it reminds then not to be proud if they're going to Heaven

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Different Beliefs about Life after Death

* Non-Religious Reasons for Life fter Death

  - Near-death experiences - (10-20% reported a NDE)

  - Evidence of the paranormal - Mediums, ghosts

  - Evidence for Reincarnation - Deja Vu

* Reasons against Life after Death

  - Lack of credible evidence - Not convincing enough

  - Belief in materialism - Nothing more than the pysical world

  - Atheism

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What does the Law say about Abortion?

 * A woman can have an abortion if 2 doctors agree it can be justified on 1 of the 7 grounds in the Abortion Act 1976

Arguments Against Abortion (Pro-life)

 - Life begins at concption

 - Deliberatey killing a human being is wrong

 - Adoption is an alternative option

 - Even those with disabilities have the right to life

Arguments For Abortion (Pro-choice)

 - Women have the right to choose - it is their body

 - If abortion is illegal, people will turn to dangerous backstreet clinics

 - It is kinder to the child if the baby is severly disabled

 - Abortion may be the lesser of two evils

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Christian Attitudes to Abortion


 - Sanctity of Life - All life is sacred

 - Abortion is Murder - Goes against the Ten Commandments

 - Only has God has the right to take life


 - Sometimes abortion is the most loving action to do

 - Best choice if the mother is at risk

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 - Arguments For Euthanasia

    * Allows the patient to die a gentle, pain-free death

    * Patient dies with dignity

    * Saves medical costs

    * Relieves a family burden

    * Medical staff can focus on those with a chance of recovery

    * Every person should chose their time of death

 - Arguments Against Euthanasia

    * Doctors can misdiagnose

    * Some may be preassurised into chosing euthanasia

    * Patient may be in the wrong state of mind

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Christian Attitudes to Euthanasia

Attitudes for Euthanasia

 - God gave us free-will to make our own choices

 - God intends people to have a good quality of life

 - Lesser of two evils

Attitudes against Euthanasia

 - Goes against the Sanctity of Life

 - Only God has the right o take away life

 - Suffering is a test of faith and a part of life

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Attitudes to Marriage and the Family

Why are Attitudes to Marriage Changing?

 - People are more tollerant of change

 - The Church has less influence

 - Decline in traditional family values

 - Socially acceptable to cohabit

Christian Attitudes to Marriage

 - "It is not be alone" - Genesis 2:18, 24

 - God created man and woman for eachother

 - Marriage is unittve and creative.

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Attitudes to Sex outside Marriage

Christaian Attitudes For Sex outside Marriage

 - It is acceptable is two people  intend to get married

 - It allows two people to ensure they are confident about eachother before they commit

Christian Attitudes Against Sex outside Marriage

 - The Bible says sex is for marriage parteners

 - Makes people vulnerable to STIs

 - Sex was God's gift to procreate, and if children are cncieved outside of marriage, they are likely to have a less stable family life

 - Addultery if forbidden

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Christian Attitudes to Divorce

Reasons for Divorce; Adultery, Unreasonable Behaviour, Desertion

Attitudes For Abortion

 - People can make mistakes

 - God forgives sins

 - Divorce is wrong, but can be the lesser of two evils

Attitudes Against Abortion

 - Jesus sadi divorce is wrong

 - Marriage is intended to be for life

 - Divorce breaks the promises made to God

Reasons for Changing Attitudes to Divorce - Easier to obtain, Less religion, socially acceptable

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Christian Attitudes to Homosexuality

Christian Attitudes For Homosexuality

 - Some Christians believe homosexuality is perfectly natural

 - All humans are equal in the eyes of God

 - The world is God's creation, so, if homosexuality exists, God must have intended for it to

Christian Attitudes Against Homosexuality

 - Marriage was intended by God to be between a man and a woman

 - Same sex couples can not have sex naturally

 - Homosexuality undermines the family unit

 - The Bible teaches homosexuality is wrong

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How Have Attitudes to Family Life Changed?

- The rise in divorce and pre-marital sex have led to an increase in single-parent families

- More children are being brought up in cohabiting families

- Reconstituded families are more common

- Incease in promiscuity has led to high teenage pregnancy rates

- Increase in contraception mean it is more acceptable for families not to have children

- Legalisation of abortion has seen a decrease in family sizes

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Christian Attitudes to Contraception

Christian Attitudes For Contraception

 - Using contraception is not a sin

 - Sex is not just for procreation

 - Contraception can be used to help family planning

 - Contraception prevents the spread of STIs

Christian Attitudes Against Contraception

 - Artificial contraception is morally wrong

 - Contraception may encourage promiscuity

 - Sex was agift from God for procreation

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