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For and against God

For believing in God

1- Things that cant be seen can till be real. (truth, love, hapiness)

2- We can't see God but we can experience him in other ways.

3- Who or what would have made the first thing if it wasnt God?

4- The universe is to wonderful to have happend by acident.

Against believng in God

1- The suffering, violence and injustices in the world would not happen if there was a god.

2- Why is nature and the state of the environment getting worse if God loves it so much?

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A Miralce is an action or event that happens and it can't be justified and it doesn't have a scientific explanation.


The 33 men who survived in a mine in Chile, a near death experience E.g when a persons heat stops and they are brought back to life.

Modern miracles

A christian may ask God for a miracle to help them in a crisis- a loved one maybe suffering from an illness.

Lourdes France

Where people go to experience a miracle and are healed by the water.

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A funeral is a ceremony or service that takes place after someone has died.

A Eulogy is a speech or talk given at a funeral about the person that has died.

The christians idea of God acting a Judge is to determine wheather a person goes to heaven or hell.

Redemption this is the idea that sins can be forgiven and a person can be redeemed.

Jesus came to earth to save people from their sins and achieved salvation through his sacrifice in death on the cross.

Christians believe the soul is a non-physical and immortal part of the body that continues to live on after death, and the soul is the connection with God.

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Heaven, Hell and Purgatory.

Heaven - This is a christian idea of paradise, its where the soul goes after death if it is free from sin to have eternal life with God.

Bible quote - 'Kingdom made of gold'


Hell - This is a place that some christians believe is a punishment after death.

Bible quote - 'punishment for sins'


Purgatory - In some christians traditions purgatory is a condition or state in which good souls recieve spiritual clensing after death, in preparation for heaven. Almost like a waiting room.

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