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Sedientary Rocks

How they are formed?

When old eroded rocks fall into seas and rivers and build up over millons of years they are compressed together and gradually their weight squeezes out all thewater and finally the pieces of rock in the sediment form together to make sedimentary rocks.

What do they look like?

They have fossils in them and have a layered apperance

Types of sedimentary rock

Mudstone, sandstone and limestone.

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Igneous rocks

How they are formed?

When hot molten rock falls down to the ground it then cools and solidifies.There are 2 types of Igneous rocks EXTRUSIVE is when the rocks errupt from the volcano INTRUSIVE is when the magma is from deep undergroud and gets forced to the earthcrust when it cools.

What do they look like?

They are radomly arranged crystals and do not contain fossils.

Types of Igneous rocks

Basalt and granite.

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Metamorphic rocks

How are they formed?

They are actually igneous and sedimenatry rocks that have been changed by pressure and heat.

What do they look like?

They can be shiny and hard and have a nice even pattern of crystals and can sometimes flake into layers.

Types of Metamorphic rocks

Marble and slate.

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recations of rocks with acid

  • Slate did not react to acid
  • Pumice asborbed the acid
  • Sandstone slightly fizzed
  • Granite did not react
  • Marble had gas coming off and fizzing
  • Limestone fizzed slightly creamy liquid coming off
  • Chalk fizzing slightly letting off a white substance.
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