Robbery overview

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Actus Reus

A completed theft, with the use or threat of force, on any person in order to steal, immediately before or at the time of the theft

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Robinson- believed he had a legal right so there wasnt a completed theft

Corcoran v Anderton- snatching a handbag is equal to an appropriation even if they dont take it

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Use or threat of force

Dawson v James- a nudge can be sufficient force- it is up to the jury what constitutes force

Clouden- pulling a bag down someone's arm is equal to force. There should be some element of resistance

B+R v DPP- No need for any actual force or for the victim to feel threatened

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On any person

Smith v Desmond- Force doesnt need to be against the owner of the property

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Before or at the time

Hale- act of appropriation against the owner of the property

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Mens Rea

Dishonesty and intent to steal with intent to use force in order to steal

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there needs to be more information

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