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the bible as a basis for making moral decisions.

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Moral Decisions Using the Bible.

Christians use the bible as a way of making a moral decision; some people need help and guidence with such decisions.

They believe that the Bible has been dictated by God to the Prophets and Apostles.

The bible has the 10 commandments which tells them what to do.

The bible shows them how God wants them to behave in a moral way.

Some believe that the bible was written by humans and entails human views

Some think that the bible is outdated and they would rather put the authority of the church over the bible.

Biblical phrases can be interpreted in a variety of ways and so humans can manipulate its meanings according to their situation.

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Authority of the Church.

The authority comes from the Pope and modern interpretations of the Bible.

Some Christians believe that the church is the body of Christ.

Instead of individuals making their own decision they should follow the church and follow the right guidance.

Christians believe that God speaks to people through the church.

The Church of England and Methodist churches elect people on assembly which deicdes the Church's views on moral decisions.

The Roman Catholic Church has leaders to make moral decisions. The Pope and council of Bishops give teachings to Catholic Christians on these issues.

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Why Christians should follow their conscience.

St. Paul and St. Thomans taught you to follow your conscience.

Christians believe that the voice of their conscience seems to be the same as the voice of God, therefore christians should follow it.

The Church says that Christians should follow their conscience as it is God directly speaking to them, not through the church or the Bible.

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Why Christians should not follow their conscience.

People have been mistaken about the voice of God.

If Christians follow the teachings of the Church and the Bible then they know that what they are doing is right without having to follow their conscience which could be mistaken.

If everyone followed their conscience and not the rules of the world then the world would become chaotic as no one would know what to expect.

Some people might say one thing but this might not be what Christians think is right.

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Why Christians think thats situation ethics is rig

This is the idea that Christians should base their decisions on what is the most loving thing to do.

This is a Christian idea from Joseph Fletcher, which says that Christians should do the most loving thing whatever situation they are in.

Jesus seemed to follow situation ethics because he over-ruled what the Old Testament said when he thought that it was unloving.

The believe that Christianity is about love and forgiveness.

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Why Christians think that situation ethics is wron

Christians think that God would not of given laws of the Bible if they weren't to be followed.

They believe they should follow what all Christians agree is the right way to be.

They think that a goup like the church knows better than an individual.

You can not know all facts of a situation so therefore you are better off following the Christian teachings.

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