Restless Earth

The Earth’s crust is unstable, especially at plate margins. (G)

Unique landforms occur at plate margins. (R)

People use these landforms as a resource and adapt to the conditions within them.(N/R)

Volcanoes are hazards resulting from tectonic activity. Their primary and secondary effects are positive as well as negative. Responses change in the aftermath of an eruption. (R/L)

Supervolcanoes are on a much bigger scale than other volcanoes and an eruption would have global consequences.(G)

Earthquakes occur at constructive, destructive and conservative plate margins.(G)

The effects of earthquakes and responses to them differ due to contrasts in levels of wealth.(R/L)

Tsunamis are a specific secondary effect and can have devastating effects in coastal areas.(G/N)

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Plate margins

Distribution of plates; contrasts between continental and oceanic plates.

Destructive, constructive and conservative plate margins.

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