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Volcanoes - Montserrat (Questions)

What is the name of the volcano?

Where is it?

When did it erupt?

What was the death toll?

What plate margin was it at?

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Volcanoes - Montserrat (Answers)

The Soufriere Hills Volcano

Montserrat, a small island in the Caribbean Sea

June 25th 1997

19 killed

Destructive (one plate under another)

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Montserrat - Impacts & Responses (Questions)

What were two primary impacts?

What were secondary impacts?

What were two immediate responses?

What were two long-term responses?

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Montserrat - Impacts & Responses (Answers)

  • large areas covered in mud and ash
  • 20+ villages destroyed by pyroclastic flows
  • vegetation/farmland destroyed


  • tourists stayed away destroying economy
  • poulation decline
  • volcanic ash improved soil fertility


  • evacuation to safer areas
  • shelters built for temporary housing
  • local services search/rescue survivors


  • risk map created
  • UK gave £41m developing north of island
  • Montserrat Observatory predicts future eruptions
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