Respiration 4

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-kills cilia (hairs that move excess mucus away from lungs)

-this inflames lining of bronchi/bronchioles + causes coughing 

-disease: Bronchitis

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-an addictive drug

-Disease: none

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-a carcinogen (chemical causes cancer)

-carcinogens cause cells to mutate (change DNA)

-divide uncotrollably forming a lump a.k.a tumour

-disease: cancer

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Carbon Monoxide

-bonds with haemoglobin irreversibly in red blood cells

-new substance called carboxyhaemoglobin, reduces blood's ability to carry oxygen

-if a woman is pregnant, then reduces flow of oxygen to baby, baby likely to be born small + permature

-makes blood cells sticky

-more likely to clot + block a blood vessel

-cutting off blood supply to tissues

-disease: heart disease 

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