These cards are for my end of year exams 2008 and are on respiration

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Glucose+ Oxygen= Water+ Carbon Dioxide and Energy

Limewater is the indicator for the presence of Carbon Dioxide

Colbat Chloride is used to test for water vapour

Gas needed to keep candles burning is oxygen

Exhaled air contains water vapour.

Exhaled air has more carbon dioxide

Body needs food for energy

Glucose travels from digestive system to cells by blood

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Lungs have a spongy texture inside

They can be expanded or compressed by the thorax

The trachea divides into 2 bronchi

The bronchi divide into bronchioles

Rings of cartilage keep trachea and bronchi open

The lining of the air passages is covered in cilia

Alveoli have a wall 1 cell thick and they transport the deoxygenated blood to the right pulmonary atery

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Breathing and blood

When you breathe your intercostal muscles contract and life the rib cage up and out and the diaphragm contracts and flattens.

This means there is more volume and so air rushed in to fill the space which decreases the pressure and fills your lungs with air

Exhaling air is the opposite of this.

William Harvey discovered that the heart pumped blood around the body.

Lungs-picks up oxygen-pulmonary vein-l.atrium-l. ventricle-aorta-body-capillaries and oxygen is dropped and carbon dioxide is picked up-superior vena cava-inferior vena cava-r atrium-r ventricle- pulmonary artery

arteris carry blood away from heart

veins carry blood towards heart

capillaries carry blood between artersi and veins

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