Religious Studies Unit 2 keywords

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What does afterlife mean?

It's a belief that human existence continues after death. For example Christians believe that when they die they will turn into a animal in their afterlife.

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What does authority mean?

It is having power over others through a position or moral teaching. For example my mum has power over me but as well as this so does god.

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What is awe?

It's a sense of wonder in relation to God's creation or presence. For example this could be things to do with mother nature.

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What is Chastity?

It's not having sex before marriage and to be remained sexually pure before marriage. for example Christan's would remain pure before marriage. 

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What does commitment mean?

It is a sense of dedication and obligation to someone or something. For example a religious believer will be dedicated to god.

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What is a community?

It's a group of people who are joined together because they have something in common. For example John is part of the christian community because he believes in Jesus.

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What is creation?

This is the way something is uniquely made. For example Christian's believe that god made the world in 6 days.

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What is discrimination?

This is the actions of treating groups of people differently. For example if people were excluding Muslim women because they wore headscarves it would be classed as discrimination.

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What is Dominion?

It is being in charge and having power over others. For example dicators and priests have power over others.

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What is equality?

This is the belief or state that everyone should have equal rights. For example i just be treated equally to others regardless of my religion.

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What is conflict?

This is the stresses and strains that take place within all humans. For example the British Army fighting in Afghanistan.

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What is GOD?

This is the ultimate and supreme power given worship. For example Muslims believe in Allah, and Sikhs believe in SRI GURU NANAK SAHIB JI

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What is humanity

This is all of the people that live on the earth.

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What is identity?

It's the sense of who you are in terms of attidudes, character and personality.

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What is injustice?

It is where everyone is not treated with fairness.

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What is love?

This is one of the most powerful human emotion which joins/brings people together.

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What is predjudice?

It is where you judge people to be inferior or superior without cause.

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What is reconcillation?

This is where you make up and say sorry after an argument.

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What are responsibilties?

These are actions you are expected to carry out.

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What is revelation?

These are the ways in which god chooses to reveal himself to people.

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What is a soul?

This is part of human nature which is spiritual in form and influences an individuals personality.

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What is stewardship?

This is a god given responsibility to care for the world around you.

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What is symbolism?

This is a representation of an idea through actions or images.

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