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Christian roles in a marriage

Women should:

  • Have children and bring them up
  • Be homemakers
  • Be submissive to their husbands

Men should:

  • Provide for the physical needs of the family by bringing in wage
  • Lead the family in religious matters
  • Love their wives like the love themselves

Most Chrisitans now accept men and women are equal

Anglican, Baptist and Methodist churches allow female vicars, Catholics don't

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Christian views on marriage

  • It was designed and created by God
  • It is a solemn agreement between two people in the prescene of God
  • It is the only suitable relationship for sex and bringing up children
  • It is a permanent union and couples should be sexually faithful

Purpose of marriage

  • To provide each other with mutual help and support each other
  • To have a life long partnership (shown by rings)

"Accordig to a God's holy law and in the prescene of God I make this vow"

(CATHOLICS) It is a sacrament - a Christian service - that is how God passes on his blessing to the couple. It is an outward sign of an inward blessing. They believe each partner becomes a channel of God's blessing to the other

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Civil Partnership

  • On December 5th 2005, civil partnerships became legal in the UK
  • It is a formal ceremony in which the couple can make promises to each other and it gives them the same legal status as heterosexual couples
  • Civil partnership ceremonies, by law, have no religious content to them
  • They do not agree with homosexuality because the couple will not produce a child if they have sexual intercourse and Chrisitans do not agree with sex that doesn''t produce a child
  • They believe that homosexuals should live celibate lives
  • Catholics are the most against homosexuality
  • There are often 'God hates ****' campaigns in America, whilst actively oppose homosexuality
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  • The number of divorces in the UK
  • It was 26,000 in 1960, and is 170,000 now
  • Before 1857 only men could divorce with parliament's permission
  • 1857 men could divorce on the grounds of adultery, women=cruelty/adultery
  • 1923: men and women could obtain divorce on the same grounds
  • 1937: desertion, adultery, cruelty and insanity were reasons for divorce
  • 1969: unneccessary to justify divorce

Most Christians are generally opposed to divorce but they do agree that sometimes couples have inconcible differences and have to divorce for the sake of their well-being.

Catholics are very strongly opposed to divorce and they almost never think it is an acceptable thing

They do not approve of it because a marriage is a life long bond made in the eyes of God and they are breaking their promise to God

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Sexual Relationships

  • Most Chrisitans regard sex as one of God's greatest gifts to them
  • Sex is creating new life and to show love 
  • Sex shoul cement a marriage and bless people with children
  • PRE MARITAL AND EXTRA MARITAL sex is frowned upon
  • Jesus frequently spoke out against adultery and fornication
  • Many Christians disagree with co-habitaticion
  • God intended people to marry but not to co-habit as this encourages sexual relations

In the UK it is illegal to have sex under the age of 16

20% of men and women are virgins when they marry

50% loose it before they are 18

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