RE Keywords

keywords for the topics in GCSE RE


1. Agnosticism Not being sure that God exists

2. Atheism Believing that God does not exist

3. Benevolent The belief that God is good/kind

4. Omnipotent The belief that God is all powerful

5. Omniscient The belief that God knows everything that has

happened and everything that is going to happen

6. Prayer An attempt to contact God, usually through words

7. Conversion When your life is changed by giving yourself to God

8. Miracle Something which seems to break the law of science

and makes you think that only God could have done it

9. Numinous The feeling of the presence of something greater

than you e.g. in a church or looking up at the stars

10. Moral Evil Actions done by humans which cause suffering

11. Natural Evil Things which cause suffering but have nothing to do with humans e.g. earthquakes

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