How christians make moral decisions



-Jesus teachings 

-"Gods word"

-"What would jesus do?"

-Church- christian community

Absolute morality - there is a right course of action to take in moral dilemma, apply one rule to everything

relative morality - different course of action in different situations, so killing is wrong but abortion is right

Some christian believe that the bible is humans word from god and that it needs updating to adapt to society, and they also believe concience is more important

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Human rights

All humans being are born free and equal in dignity and rights

Everyone is entitled to all right and freedom

Criminal use human rights law to get away with things and Rights may clash such as criminal being put into prison but he may not have the right to education

Christian believe sancity of life

Humans are made in god image therefore should be tampered with

Golden rule supports human rights

But some christians dont allow homesexuals and women leaders therefore this goes against human rights

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Why is it important to take part in a democratic p

- goverment decide how much tax you pay

- they pass laws we have to live by

- run education system

- roads, dustin collections

- people fought our right to vote so use it

- countries don't give people the right to vote

Social change

- jesus said treat people how you would like to be treated

- parable of sheep and goat said help the sick, homeless and hungry

- cain and albel (brothers keeper) , this story show we should all look after each other no matter what race or religion

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Christianity and genetic engineering

- liberal protestants believe GE is good as it aims to cure diseases

- jesus use powers to cure

- god wants us to find out more about his creation

- creating cells isn't creating people

- only young embryos are used

Catholics believe life begins at conception

Murder is like killing an embryo

It is playing with god 

Heaven = perfect life on earth can't be perfect

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Environmental issues

- ice caps are melting this causes flooding

- parts of the world will become to hot to live so there will be lots of refugees

- animals and plants are becoming extinct

- problems with food supplies


- greenhouse effect- burning of fossil fuels increasing carbon dioxide

- natural causes - volcanoes, vegetation rotting

- solar activity- sun emits more radiation which warms up earth


- wind power

- inventing cars that are more efficient

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Christianity and enviroment

Christian believe that humans are gods steward so they should look after the enviroment

-In genesis god gave the right to humans to rule the earth but to look after it

-laws in old testement tells people to treat animals kindly

- jesus told followers to shares resources fairly

- christian believe they will be judged on how they treated the earth

- they should try and reduce pollution and preserve

- help people in LEDCs

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Islam and stewardship

Muslims believe Allah gave them rule over earth but they should treat it well and look after it

- if they harm the enviroment they are harming themselves

- they believe life is a test and part of test is how they treat enviroment

- the enviroment is a gift from god and show respect by treating it well

- they should reduce pollution for future generations

- help poor people

- support enviromental groups

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Medical treatments for infertility

in-vitro fertility - fertilizing an egg in a test tube

AIH- artifical insemination using husbands sperm

AID - artficial insemination using a doners sperm

IVF - when an egg from women is fertilized outside womb

egg donation - IVF where egg is donated but husband sperm

surrogacy - where another woman carries and gives birth to the baby

-12.5 of couples in UK have fertility treatments

- it is part of nature to want a baby and people who are infertile may experiance psychological problems

- but the world population is growing

- expensive

- adopt a baby

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Christian and muslim infertility

- catholics believe infertility treatments are wrong

- artificial insemination involves man masterbating and it is a sin

- god intended procreation to be part of sex

- others say christian marriage is to have children

- no confusion on who parents are 

- main purpose is to create life

Muslims agree with fertility treatments such as IVF and AIH

- others are banned because children have a right to know who there parents are

- egg or sperm donation is like adultery

- egg or sperm donation is like adoption which is forbidden in islam

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Transplant surgery- christianity and muslim

- using healthy organs on someone else and it can cure fatal diseases 

- body isnt needed after death so should help anyone in need

- in resurrection god is to transform our bodies so organs arent needed

- loving our neighbours like jesus taught

- heart is important part of an individual

- playing god, keeping someone alive that god intends

- leads to conflict between docters and patients

Muslim believe it is wrong because it is forbidden to remove anything from body after death because Shariah law says so

- playing with god and only god has right to give and take life

- in the last day we all need our bodies to be complete

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United nations and world peace

- their aim is to preserve and remove causes of conflict, by encourgaing cultural, economic and social progress around the world

Why is it important for world peace?

- imposes sanction ( stops trading between particular countries)

- authorize the use of force by a country

- send peacekeeping force to war zones

- run an international criminal court where people accused of war crimes can be trialed

- isreal is protected by USA by security council, therefore not fair to muslim countries

- UN moves slowly and sometimes cannot make decisons

- USA invaded iraq without UN permission

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How religious people promote peace

- organise public debates which raises awareness of horrors of war

- organise protests

- organise interfaith conferences which brings all religions together

- work for economic justice

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Why wars occur

- country might think another country is treating members of their religion badly

- minority religion in a country

- different ethnic groups want independance homeland

- people drive out an ethinic group

- a country has resources another country wants to steal

- country having economic problems

- fighting for politic power

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Christians attitude to war

- jesus said to turn the other cheek and love your enemies

- 10 commandment say do not kill

- christians were all pacifists

- some christians believe that just war is okay

- christians should obey goverment

- jesus praised soldiers

- promotes peaces in just wars

- self-defence

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Muslim attitude to war

- quran says you should fight if attacked

- muhammed fought in wars

- muhammed in hadiths said he supported just wars

- qurans says anyone fighting in just war will go straight to paradise

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Christian attitude to bullying

- using violence without good reason is sinful

- bullying is mistreating god creation

- christians should protect the weak and innocent

- golden rule goes against bullying

- christians belive in human right, bullying is going against human rights

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Islam and bullying

- islam is based on mutual respects

- using violence without good reason is sinful

- bullying disrupts the ummah

- muslims should protect the weak and innocent

- muhammed said every muslim is a brother to every muslim

- muslims believe in human rights, bullying goes against human rights

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Religion conflicts within families

- if the child doesnt want to be part of the parents religion

- religion tells parents its their duty to make their child that religion

- parents think children will live bad lives if their not religious

- if children want to marry partner from different faiths

- no religious ceremony

- what religion should that child be brought up in

- if children becomes more religious than their parents

- child may critize parents life style 

- child may force parents to follow religious rule

- disagreement moral issues such as homesexuality, sex befor marriage

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Attitude to forgiveness in christianity and islam

- reconciliation - bringing enemies together as friends

- jesus died to bring reconciliation between god and humans

- "forgive our sins as we forgive those who sin against us"


- muslims hope allah will forgive their sins therefore they must forgive others

- hadith " be forgiving"

- whoever forgives will get a reward from allah

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