r.e key words.


Key words.

Abortion: deliberate expulsion of the foetus from the womb with the intention to destroy it.

Abortion act (1967): The UK law on abortion, which was amended by the human fertilisation and Embryology Act (1990)

Adoption: Where one/two people take on someone elses child legally as their own.

Ahimsa: Non-violence.

Akhirah: Belief in Judgement day, heaven and hell.

Allah:  One god, Islamic term for god.

Animal exerimentation: Use of animals to test products and medicines, and to advance medical knowledge.

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Animal rights: The idea that animals should have rights becuase of respect for life.

Atman: Inner 'self'/soul.

Bible:  Christian holy book.

Brahman: Ultimate Reality.

Buddha: Siddattha Gotama, The enlightened one, Founder of buddhism.

Climate change: Global warming, which is characterised by freak and extreme weather, and which is seen as the major issue for the planet.

Cloning: Taking the DNA from something and using it to produce a replica of the original being.

Conservation: Helping to mend environmental damage, or to protect the environment.

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Creation: Idea that god created the world from nothing.

Destruction: Causing the loss of something.

Dhamma: Buddhist teaching.

Disability: Lack of ability relative to the standard for a group.

Discrimination: Acting on prejudice.

Emissions: The release of gases and pollutants into the atmosphere that can cause environmental damage and health problems.

Eternal life: Christian concept of life everylasting with god in heaven after this life.

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Sentient being: Idea that all life has sensory bility, e.g. can see, hear, etc.

Sexism: Prejudice based on gender.

Shari'ah Law: Law of Islamic countries, Based on Qu'ran, Hadith and Sunnah.

Stewardship: Belief that humans are given the duty/task to look after the world for god; in Islam, Khalifah.

Suffering: Pain and discomfort felt as a result of something, can be caused by nature or humans.

Sunnah: The words and deeds from phrophet Muhhammad collected into a book.

Sustainable development: Developing techonologies that can be continued, and which do not cause more long-term harm than good.

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Tipitaka: Buddhist scriptures, means 'Three baskets' after three groups of scriptures.

Ummah: brotherhood - All Muslims are part of the Ummah.

Vegetarianism:  non-meat diet; Those who do not eat dairy products are vegan.

Viability: Capacity for survival, i.e. When i foetus is likely to survive if born, in the UK at 24 weeks.

War: Two or more sides or nations in armed conflict against each other.

Waste: Unwanted or undesired material ot substance produced by human activity, also referred to as rubbish.

Zoo: Place where animals are kept on show for the public to see, most are from the other countries and climates.

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