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Key words.

Extinction: the wiping out of species, so that none can be found in any surveys over a set period.

Factory farming: farming as a business, where animals are intensively farmed.

Fostering: where a person legally looks after someone else's child for a period of time, but do not take the child as their own.

Genetic modification: changing the DNA of something to be able to change the species.

Guru Granth Sahib: sikh holy book.

Guru Nanak: founder of sikhism.

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Holy War: conditions under which muslims should fight war.

Hunting: chasing animals to hunt for food.

Jesus: founder of christian religion; believed to be son of god by christmas.

Judgement Day: belief that at the end of time, all humans will be raised from the dead to be judged, on the actions of their life by god.

Just War: conditions under which christians/sikhs should fight in war.

Karma: the consqeunces of our words, deeds and actions.

Kashrut: food laws.

Khalsa: sikh who has taken vows of faith

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Khalifah: stewardship; belief that allah has given us duty to look after the world.

Kurahit: prohibitions for Khalsa sikhs.

Langar: sikh community kitchen, set up by Guru Nanak.

Life after death: idea that when we die, there is a next life either throught reincarnation, re-birth or judgement day.

Miracle of life: idea that getting pregnant, carrying to full term and giving birth is a very special, even miraculous event.

Muhammad: prophet of islam, final prohpet to world.

Natural habitats: areas of natural vegetation and associated wildlife.

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Natural reources: the things we use, such as coal gas oil, which are found naturally.

Noachide laws: early set of laws found in Torah.

Pacifism: belief that all violence is wrong.

Peace: absence of war, harmony between groups/nations.

Pollution: when too much off something is dumped into the atmosphere, on too land, on too water.

Prejudice: pre-judjing someone, usually unfavourably, before getting to know them.

Pressure group: group set up to put pressure on society/government.

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Pro-choice: arguments to support a womans right to decide what happens to her body.

Poverty: arguments to protect the rights to life, in this book, of the feotus.

Quality of life: argument about what a persons life should be like for it to be worth living.

Qur`an: holy book of life.

Racism: prejudice based on colour/race.

Rights:the right to something.

Sanctity of life: idea that life is special and sacred.


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