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Unit 1. Background to Marks.Gospel

This is the 'Good News' about Jesus Christ the son of God.

Gospel =  Good News

Mark wrote the Gospel because eye witnesses were dying out. He got his sources from St.Peter, Oral tradition and Jesus himself.

The calming of the storm. -  Shows that you should have faith in Jesus, even if you dont think jesus is with you during bad times he is always there. Shows jesus is strong and he can overcome everything.

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Unit 2 - Jesus' Ministry

Jesus Baptism-  Shows us that Jesus is equal to God. Its an important moment of his life because he beggings his ministry. It marks the end of his life as a carpenter and the start of his new life as a traveling teacher.

The Temptation - He was tested physically and emotionally. Satan was trying to test Jesus' relationship with God. The story helps christians to show that God is always with them. Jesus is stronger than the devil and can overcome anything.

Caesarea Philippi - Watershed moment from this point onwards. Mood changes a lot.

The Transfiguration - It reasurred Jesus that he was following the right path. It confirmed that he was the Son of God.

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Unit3. Jesus' Relationship with others.

Outcasts - they were known as sinners. They were unclean.

The Sabbath - Means 'rest' , Jews couldnt work on the Sabath as they had to rest. ( Jews-Sunset on Friday till sun goes down on saturday)( Christians- Sunday)

The man with Leprosy - People with leprosy were considered as unclean. They were treated as outcasts. Jesus will help anyone even the outcasts. The story shows that we must have faith in order to be healed.

 The call of Levi eating with the Sinners - Levi is a tax collector and people think they are traitors. 'People who are well do not need a doctor only those who are sick, i have not come to call respectable people but outcasts'. this shows that Jesus has come for people who need him e.g: outcasts. He was breaking the rules by eating with Levi.

Paralysed hand -  The Pharisees accused jesus of working on the Sabbath. Jesus attitued towards the Jewish law was to help instead of doing evil even if it was the Sabbath.

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Unit3. Jesus' Relationship with others.

Jairus Daughter-  Jairus showed great faith by kneeling at jesus and by not listening to the others that were saying his daughter was dead. Jesus is the Son of God anythin is possible for him.

The woman with a haemorrhage - She was an Outcast because the people would think she was sinful. Woman were less inportant than men. By touching jesus' cloak it would have made him unclean. She showed great faith by touching his cloak.

The Greek womans daughter - Jews= children , gentiles = dogs   Jesus was saying that the jews must have access to teaching first. Her reply made a point that jews had already been offered good news.

Blind Bartimaeus - Blind men were known as sinners. He showed his faith in jesus by shouting 'Son of david' (Messiah). He also shows faith by abandoning his cloak. His faith made him well.

Incident in the Temple Court -Court of the gentiles was a busy market place. Jesus angry at the way it was being used. challenged authority of Sanhedrin.

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Unit4. Titles for Jesus.

Christ/Messiah - Annointed one. ( Christ-Greek and Messiah-Hebrew)

Son of man - means he is human ( shows he is normal and he has gone through the same things as us)

Son of God - Gods son

Teacher (Rabbi)- He used to teach Gods word to people.

Miracle worker - Makes miracles happen. ( Natural miracle- walking on water or turning water into wine., Healing miracles-He healed people even outcasts, exorcism miracles-someone possesed by demons e.g Greek womans daughter).

Messianic secret - jesus didnt want anyone to know he was the Messiah. Told people to keep it on a low. He did this because if the Romans found out he would get killed.

Dual Nature- He is human and he is God at the same time.

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Unit4. Titles for Jesus.

The Paralysed man - Shows jesus is human and that he has Dual Nature he can heal people but it doesnt stop him from being human. He told the man his sins were forgiven. By healing the man Jesus shows that he had power to forgive sins. Teachers failed to notice that Jesus was the Son of God.

The feeding of the 5000- Sheep without a shepered meant that the people were the sheep and jesus was the shepered. Jesus is like God. Related to the story of Moses escaping Egypt because God provided Manna (jews) with food. Bread and Fish symbolise spiritual and physical food, means that he feeds our hearts. Symbolises jesus will do this at the 'Last Supper'. We remmember it at the Eucharist.

Baptism of Jesus- Go to Unit2.

Caesarea Philippi- Go to Unit2.

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Unit5. Disipleship

The call of the Disiples - Fishermen were not the type of people you would expect jesus to choose. They were to become followers of Jesus and to share his ministry. Come with me and i will teach you how to catch people. This means he will show them how to spread the word to people to become christians and to follow jesus.

The mission of the twelve- Shows that they must rely on God. It was not easy for the disiples because they had to give all there trust to God. That he would protect them while they were out preeching for jesus.

Kingdom of God- CHIN C = Churh, H = Heaven, I = Inside us, N = Near us

A parable - Story with a deeper meaning. ( taught in parables because it was easier and much more interesting).

Parable of the mustard seed. - Means the kingdom of God starts of very small and it grows. Birds represent everyone being welcomed. (gentiles were also welcomed)

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Unit5. Disipleship

The parable of the Sower - Seeds-Word of God, The Sower- Disiple followers of Jesus, Different types of ground-Type of people they come across, The path- Represent people that have a hard heart, Birds-devil, Rocky ground- People who take the messege a little, Sun- Persecution, Thorn Bushes-Willing to listen but other things get in the way, Good soil- people who listen and take it in, Fruit produced by plants in the good soil - Fruit is more seeds to produce the word of God.

The rich man and wealth - Shows us that we have to give up things in order to follow jesus and you should not be too materialistic. Its hard to get into heaven if you love your riches. Jesus explains how hard it is by comparing it to a camel passing through the eye of a needle.

Teaching on service - Jesus gave this teaching becaue there had been an arguement between the disiples. people in the Kingdom of God become great by following examples of Jesus and become a suffering servant.

The greatest commandments - Jesus says loving God and loving eachother are the 2 most important commandments.

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Unit5. Disipleship

The widow at the tresury - Shows us that jesus has seen the rich men giving money but it is only spare money because they already spent most of it. On the other hand the widow was giving all she had because she was poor. It teaches us that we must give all we can and give it cheerfully instead of giving spares.

Peters Promise - God will strike the shepered and the sheep will be scattered means that when jesus dies the disiples will run away and deny knowing him. The promise tells us that peter as a disiple is very human and it also shows us that he loves Jesus and wants to be there for him.

Peters denial - Peter couldnt keep his promise because he was scared that he too would be put to death. Peter broke down crying after showing his sadness. This shows us christians that we shoud think about things before we make our promises.

The commission - New start for the disiples they had misunderstood his teachings. Jesus knew they had potential to become leaders of the christian church and they led it well.

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Unit6. Suffering Death and Resurrection

Entry into Jerusalem - He rode on a donkey to show how humble he is. He sent his disiples to get him a colt in order that his prophecy would be fulfilled.

The annointing at bethany - The fact that she used expensive perfume showed how much she valued jesus. The act predicts what is going to happen in the future for jesus (the annointing after he died). Shows us jesus welcomes everyone. Its the sign that he is the Messiah.

The last supper - The words used at the passover gave a new different meaning. When jesus blessed the bread and the wine it was a sign of his death and his disiples were united together. Now a days the early christian community repeat it on a  regular basis to remember the passover meal. Jesus said that he is going to die and that he will not drink the wine again until everyone is with him in heaven. He will have a banquet. Its inportant for christians today because they believe that taking the holy communion  is remmembering jesus' sacrificial death.

Jesus in Gethsemane - Jesus was feeling very upset and scared. He wanted there to be another way rather than him suffering. This was shown when he threw himself to the ground with desperation and began to beg God.

Jesus' Arrest - Judas hurt Jesus by betraying him. He was one of Jesus friends/disiples so it hurt him. He prepared for his arrest by praying in Gethsemane to his father. He acted calmly when he got arrested.

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Unit6. Suffering Death and Resurrection

The trial before the jewish council - it was illegal for jesus to be arrested. ' I will tear down the temple which men have made and after three days i will  build one that is not made by men'. This means that jesus will die and 3 days later rise again. The high priest was angry because he thought jesus was comminting blasphemy.

The trials before Pilate - Pilate freed barrabas instead of jesus because he wanted to please the crowd and give what the crowd wanted, they have the authority.

The crucifixion -

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