The Old Testament

The Old Testament


The Jewish Torah

Before Christianity existed


Jesus was a Jew


Contains all the rules that Jews have to follow

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The New Testament

The New Testament


Infomation about the work of Jesus and his Apostles'


The four Gosples give us infomation about Jesus' life and work


The rest is about his Apostles' work in creating the Christian church

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Methods of contraception

Rythm method (where sex is avoided during a females most fertile times)

Barrier (Where the sperm and egg are prevented from meeting at all) e.g. condom, diaphragm

Abortive (Where the fertilised egg is prevented from implanting in the womg) e.g. the pill, IUD, morning after pill

Natural (Where the artificial aids are not used) e.g. withdrawl, the rythm method

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Contraception and Catholics

Catholic views on contracepion

As every act of sex could result in a baby, trying to prevent that is interfering with God's right to create life

Abortive methods of contraception are seen as the equivalent to killing a child since it is alive in God's eyes from the moment of conception

Barrier methods interfere with the main purpose of intercourse

They may only use natural methods when the woman is at her least fertile

The withdrawl method is frowned upon as The Old Testament condems allowing semen to 'fall on the ground'

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Other Christian views on contraception

Other Christian views on contraception

Most other Christian churches teach that contraception is acceptable

Prefer barrier methods to abortive methods of contraceptionthat

Contraception is acceptable because of free will (should be free to make their own choices), this includes choosing whether or not they want kids, and if people may not have the money to support a large family

God gave people the intelligence to learn how to use contraception, so to refuse to do so devalues that intelligence 

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