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Religious attitudes to contraception

  • Contraception is a way of preventing pregnancy when a couple have sex.


    The Roman Catholic and orthodox churches teaches that artificial contraception goes against natural law. God's purpose for marriage is to have a family. Using contraception could encourage selfishness or infidelity. Many Catholics disagree. The population explosion and spread of aids present new challenges to this teaching.

    Other Christians allow contraception. Anglicans accept people should only have as many children as they can reasonably afford. Bringing a baby into a life of deprivation would be unfair. Methodists allow contraception to enable couples to develop their relationship before children or to space pregnancies to avoid harming the mothers health.

"Every sexual act should have the possibility of creating new life" Humanae Vitae 1968

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The purpose of marriage

Why do people get married?

  • Share lives with person they love
  • Marriage brings security becuase it is a serious lifelong and public commitment
  • makes children born within marriage ligetiiment
  • finacial advantages

Purpose of marriage

  • Express sexuality develop companions ship and a secure enviroment to bring up children in a religious faith.
  • Provides us with the means to grow spirtually and personally.


Marriage is gods gift at creation and a spirtual bond of trust. Christians believe marriage is a sacrament that represents the sacrificial love of jesus and a covenant before god where the couple promises to love eachother until death.

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