Rainforests are found along the Equator near South America, Africa and South-East Asian Islands.

There are fewer rainforests in the northern hemisphere than the southern.

No rainforests are found in Europe.

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In Indonesia there is vast amounts of deforestation occuring, this is because of the local timber barons which cut down the trees to sell to other countries. They also burn hundreds of acres of forest to plant new crops; however this failed because the heavy rain showers wash away the topsoil along with the seeds planted. By burning the forest they are polluting the atmosphere and increasing the amount of CO2 in it.

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In Ecuador Texaco Gasoline drill for oil withing rainforest clearance, during the drilling there has been several spills. The spills are rapidly killing wildlife and it is understood that an estimated 85 humans have fallen victim to these spills. Scientists say that the spills have caused around 8 different types of cancers in the area effected causing death and mutations.

The oil is also highly flammable so there is a high risk of fires in the area. Also the aquatic animals that live in the waterways are drowning/dying due to oil getting in there system.

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In Brazil there are hundreds of Cattle farmers which destroy the rainforest for increased pasture for cattle to graze on, a medium sized ranch has around 2000 cattle spread around 3000 hectares. The cattles manure provide nutrients for the soil to produced an all year pasture.

Also in Brazil there is a massive demand for tin, which is shipped to countries like the UK. To access the ore the miner must use hugely powerful hoses to blast the mud of the solid rock and then pick axe and shovel the hard rock away from the ore. This also causes habitats and wildlife to die and lose there homes.

There are many different types of famring in Brazil and rubber tapping is one of the popular ones. Rubber tapping is where somebody makes long scores in the bark of a rubber tree, the rubber then extracts from the wood running down the scores into a bucket or drum. This liquid rubber is then sold to HICs for domestic products such as rubber gloves, and bands. 

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Costa Rica

In Costa Rica farmers buy rainforest then plant their crops within the trees and plant more fruit trees such as banana trees.  They also only cut down trees with diseases or they just wait for trees to naturally fall down; once the trees fall down the farmers cut the trees into logs and they then use an Ox/Buffalo to drag those logs though the rainforest,  using an Ox/Buffalo will minimize forest destruction, and won't destroy as much vegetation like bulldozer would.

The wood collected is made into panels for which the farmer will use to build a sustainable holiday house for passing tourists to the area.

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