Psychology abnormality

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limitations of deviation from social norms


Deviation from social norms

susceptible to abuse:

  • varies as time changes
  • Szasz (1974) claimed that the concept of mental ilness was simply a way to exclude nonconformist from society 

Deviation is related to context and dgree:

  • swimming costume on a beach/swimming costume in the street
  • seen as abnormal or indication of mental disorder
  • being rude is deiviant behaviour, not mental disturbance, unless excessive (pathological) 
  • social deviance on its own cannot offer a definition of abnormality 
  • social deviance is inevitably related to both context and degree 

Cultural relativism

  • cultural factors influence social norms (cultural relativism)
  • social norms are defined by the culture
  • disorders are defined or diagnosed in different ways in different places by different groups
  • diagnoses may be different for the same person in two different cultures 
  • cultural relativism has become an acknowleged fact
  • DSM includes a glossary that describes patterns of behaviour and syndromes that only occurs in certain areas (culture bound syndromes)  
  • no universal standards or rules for labelling abnormal behaviour 
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