protein trafficking

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protien trafficking

  • In the nucleas the  transcription  of DNA into mRNA happens.
  • the mRNA then leaves the nucleas via the nuclear envolope.
  • the protien made on ribosomes then enter the Rer.
  • protien moves through the er assumng 3d shape en route.
  • Vesicles pinched off the Rer contain the protien
  • theese vesicles then move and fuse to the flattened sacs of the golgi appuratus.
  • the proteins are modified and packed @ golgi 
  • vesicles pinch off the golgi contain the modified protein
  • the vesicle fuses with the cell surface membrane releasing protein such as exrtacellular enzymes via endocytosis

Key words:

transcription, Mrna leaves, Rer, through er, vesicles, fuse golgi apuratus, mod & pakced, fuse with the C.S.M.

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  • Day 14 egg released from the follicle in the ovary (ovulation)
  • egg travels along the fallopian tube 
  • sperm approches the egg in the fallopian tube
  • chemicals from the follicle cells trigger acrosome reaction.
  • acrosome swells fusing sperm to cell membrane of the egg
  • hydrolitic/acrosome enzymes are released and hydrolise the follicle cells and zona pellucida.
  • sperms fuses with the egg cell membrane.
  • sperm enters the egg. The tail doesnt enter.
  • cortical granuales and cause the zona pellucida to thicken/ harden = cortical reaction, preventing polyspermy.
  • nuclei of the egg/ovum and sperm fuse, called zygotes.
  • fetrilisation has now occured.
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