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Steps for QWC in B1

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B1.1.4- How pathogens cause disease?

1. Reproduce rapidly (what makes you feel ill)

2. Bacteria; simply split in two and produce toxins, which effect your body

3. Toxins; take over cells and destroy them but rarely produce toxins

4. High temp, headaches and rashes are caused by the damage of toxins of pathogens.

5. Symptoms can also be your body dealing with the pathogen

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B1.1.5 Preventing microbes getting in

1) Skin acts as a barrier to stop pathogens infecting tissues

2) Blood clots to form scabs and stop pathogens getting in through the wound

3) Breathing system, lungs a tubes are lined with mucus = traps pathogens

4) Those which get passed are killed by your stomach acid

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B1.1.7- Growing microorganisms

1) Culture medium which contains all the nutrients needed to culture the microorganisms (agar jelly)

2) Petri dishes and jelly are sterilised using heat

3) Inoculating hoop is sterilised and then placed into some bacteria

4) It is then spread across the jelly in a zig-zag shape

5) Lid is placed on quickly (to prevent contamination) and partially sealed

6) It is then incubated for a few days (25°)

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B1.1.8- Reducing anti-biotic resistant bacteria

(steps that should be taken- no order)

1) antibiotics should only be used when they are needed

2) specific bacteria should be trated with specific antibiotics

3) Medical staff should wash there hands between patients and clothing sterilised

4) Visitors should wash their hands on entry and exit

5) if infected with MRSA, should be isolated

6) Hospital general hygiene should be high

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