Prehistoric Medicine

This will help with GCSE History Medicine These set of cards are mainly working on the Prehistoric times.

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Prehistoric Medicine

In prehistoric societies people turned to:

Animals - they thought that animals could cure you

this could make diseases worse by infection

this shows that medical knowledge was low.

Witch Craft and superstition - they thought that certain rituals could cure illness or prevent it. Herbal Medicine was used

they believed that Gods had punished you or you had evil spirits in your body if you were ill

Medical knowledge was low

Limited surgery - skulls have been found with drilled holes

they didn't understand the dangers. Medical Knowledge was developing but still very low

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Prehistoric Medicine

What did people in Prehistoric times die from?

Disease that could not be stooped from spreading, especially amongst babies and young children before they developed resistance to them.

Infections form everyday accidents such as a cut finger whisch easily led to blood poisining and death. it was also very difficult to stop deep cut form bleeding.

War could result in deaths of young men and starvation and poverty for the defeated.

Food shortages andfamines weaked children and pregnant and nursing women.

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