Political Parties in Britain 1918


Liberal Party in 1918


-Liberal party was quite divided.

-Split supporters between Lloyd George and Asquith

-Asquith supporters felt that Lloyd George's party was too close to Conservative policy. For example, they opposed conscription during the war.

-Many had seen Lloyd George as devious; split of the party from supporters of Asquith and Lloyd George.

Lloyd George                              Asquith

- Prime Minister                      -Remained official party leader of the party itself.

-Leader of those who

supported the coalition.

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Conservatives in 1918


-Possibly as many as 25% voted for the Conservatives who were working class.

-Was part of the wartime coalition formed by Prime Minister Herbert Asquith (Liberal) in 1915.

-Successful electorate results in 1918 and 1922 meant that many Conservatives felt the party was strong enough to govern independently.

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Labour Party in 1918

Labour Party

-Created in the late 19th century to represent the interests of the trade union movement, from which it received most of tis finance.

-Good for trade unions as they saw the party as a way of improving worker's pay and conditions through the work of Labour MPs in Parliament.

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